About Us

ViolinMarketplace.com is a new online website to connect players, dealers, enthusiasts, and investors all around the world.

violinmarketplace.com does not have possession of anything listed or sold through violinmarketplace.com and is not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers. The contract for the sale is directly between buyer and seller. 

As a Seller

Sign up and create an account, this can be to sell a single instrument or a whole collection of instruments,  the sellers admins section has a fully integrated customised shop manager, allowing you to create your own market place or public auction, like paypal or amazon. Selling is made easy.  The seller gets paid when the buyer pays using chained payments if stripe has been chosen as your method of payment or banked like paypal if payed with Paypal. Withdrawls can be made after payment has been cleared. Also Talk to us if you have a large collection and need bespoke landing pages and selling fees.


The seller is responsible for shipping, and is able to set their own customised rates to pass onto the buyer, initially each shop is installed with basic shipping costs. we advise that all items are shipped insured and trackable.

Shipping Rates are fixed. But if you need them altered please get in touch.

Shipping Zones Violin Bow Cello Light Heavy
Uk to Uk 30 30 100 15 25
Uk To Europe to Uk 30 30 100 15 25
Uk to World to Uk 130 130 500 30 40
Europe to Europe 30 30 100 15 20
Europe to World to Europe 80 80 300 30 40

Please be aware that as of 2 January 2017, new laws came into effect to control the import and export of all items made with rosewood. Any lots containing any amount of rosewood will therefore be subject to restrictions when exporting outside of the EU. It will be the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that the relevant paperwork is in place before shipping

Some lots are sold with CITES article 10 certificates, allowing the commercial use of an item containing an endangered species. It is the sellers responsibility to List items which are subject to CITES certificates. For violins aand bows all ivory is banned.


To help you set up and get accustomed to the platform we have introduced no listing fees for the first month, when your instruments sell we deduct a small commission of 5% on each sale, this is automatically taken at point of sale using chained payments with stripe.  You can also set your own shipping costs for your shop all shipping fees go to you.

As a Buyer

You see an instrument you would like to buy, create and account or login and purchase the instrument, and checkout and wait for your instrument to be delivered. When the sale is complete you can leave a review of the sale and seller. There are no extra Buyers Commissions like other auctions, what you bid or buy is what you pay plus postage.


Refunds and returns are handled by the seller, all requests must be made to the seller, within 14 days of purchase. The Seller is responsible for payment and transport of returning the items. We do not process buyers refunds but we can assist if needed.

Need Help

We are happy to help you create and setup your first shop and assist with adding your instruments to sell online, or discuss any customisations to your shop. This is charged at an hourly Rate. Out of Hours Premium support is available contact us.

Sell to us

If you would prefer to sell your instruments quickly we are happy to make an offer on any Antique Instruments, we cannot make an offer on modern instruments. Please get intouch by our buying page.

About us

The team at ViolinMarketplace.com have been developing violin based web sites for many years, we are all trained violin makers and restorers.

For 8 years we helped create, develop and run one of the first specialist online instrument auctions.

We are committed to support research and develop online resources for stringed instrument players.

Other projects include www.voilinbridges.com which is a huge online database and photographic collections of 1 000+ Violin Bridges spanning 28 countries and recently a published paper of 10 years worth or research 

Statistical Analysis of Bridges for Violin, Viola and Cello by the V.S.A

Also we created thehillbow.com – and originally the hillbows.com about the makers of the famous firm of W E Hill & Sons.

If you are interested in a website or your own personal shop or auction site please get in touch.

Many thanks Gerard KilBride N.S.V.M